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Went With Haste

Today, in the Catholic Church, we celebrate the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven. However, since this event is not explicitly recorded in Sacred Scripture, the Gospel reading for today features a different event from the life of Mary: her visit to her cousin Elizabeth.

I was inspired last April to write the following poem, entitled, "Went With Haste." It came to mind this morning while I was at Mass, and I was inspired to share it here. May it serve not only to bring you closer to our Blessed Mother and to celebrate her life but to encourage you to say "yes" to whatever the Lord is asking of you, as Our Lady did, without question, and without hesitation, even when you do not understand.

Blessed Mother, help us on our journey toward Heaven...Mama Mary, bring us home to you.

 "Went With Haste"
April 06, 2019

Mary went with haste to see the babe
Her cousin Elizabeth was to bear
Urged on by the message of a heavenly host
Without a second thought or care

She went without any selfish concern
Though she’d been told she was also with child
A child who was destined to rule the world
Mary’s thoughts were running wild

As she walked, she thought, and pondered the meaning
Of the call she had received
The angel had called her God’s favored one
What could it possibly mean?

“Blessed are thou among women!
Blessed is the fruit of your womb!”
Elizabeth wasn’t making any sense
And Mary had only just entered the room

She continued by saying her baby had leaped
When Mary’s greeting reached their ears
The realization of Who she held inside her
Suddenly brought Mary to tears

They hugged and cried and sang God’s praise
And thanked Him for His favor
“My soul magnifies the Lord!” said Mary
“My spirit rejoices in God my Savior!”

They went with haste to see the babe
Cloth-bound in manger laid
Urged on by choirs of heavenly hosts
Who sung, “God’s name be praised!”

They did not hesitate after this
They did not doubt the words
That on that day in Bethlehem
Was born the Savior of the world

They searched the city streets by night
In the darkness that ensued
They did not give up til babe was found
A light had broken through

Their once-dark world had been illumined
There would be no turning back
These former sinners transformed to saints
Without a lash upon the rack

I went with haste before the throne
Of Jesus Christ, my Savior
He is just as radiant from this monstrance
As He was within the manger

Lord, may I never cease to seek You
May I always sing Your praise
Both while on earth and after death
Until the end of days

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